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Coleman Jennings and the Roaddogs Pave A Path with “Know No Leash” (Interview)

Based in Austin, Texas, alternative country band Coleman Jennings and the Roaddogs are on the path to success.

On January 27th, they released their debut five-track EP titled “Know No Leash” which features their standout track “Highwayman.”

Highwayman was written as an ode to the working man who rides the “highway”. While it certainly pays respect to the “Highwaymen” group, that wasn’t what it was initially written for. The song was written for the everyday man; it was written for those who don’t scoff at the values and tenets that this country was built upon,” tells the band

The song [Highwayman] was recorded one instrument at a time. We record all our songs in an amazing home studio (Moon Lab Studios), but we can’t afford to work in a big studio with a huge recording room where we can play all the instruments as a band at once. We are independent musicians, so we do everything ourselves. All of our songs are produced by myself, and we use no studio musicians,” tells the band.

As a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin, Coleman Jennings formed “the Roaddogs” with Finn Dickens, Jake Boswell “Jenko” and Bob Troyer. Each song was written, composed, and produced by Coleman himself at Moon Lab Studios in Dripping Springs, TX, with seamless vibrato paired with tranquil tones and narrative-driven lyrics.

I hope to get a record deal and record a big album before the end of 2023. I think we can do it. I have so many songs, I could record three or more albums easily right now. In fact, I’ve been saving many of my best songs for when I record my first big album. I want the album to be huge. I want it to be a combination of both southern rock and country – like if the Highwaymen, the Eagles, and Lynyrd Skynyrd had a baby,” tells Cole.

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Trevor Justin is an accomplished journalist and PR specialist, having been a part of the music industry since the age of 13, the Iowa native has built a strong foundation across the music sector.

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