With her debut single “Element,” just released last Friday, Chloe Star is ready to embrace her artistry.

“‘Element’ is a fun, vibe with your friends kind of song. It definitely sets the tone for a night out with your friends. The song itself is about just not giving a fuck and being in party-mode! To me, every time I listen to the song I feel like I gain confidence in everything I am doing at that moment. It’s the song that makes you put your game face on.” tells Chloe.

You can listen to the debut single “Element” below.

A carefree anthem about feeling yourself, “Element” combines trap-inspired beats with dreamy sing-song vocals.

The recording process of the song was so much fun! Everyone in the room had the right energy. It felt like a party that we were creating for the world. I worked on the song with my producer Redd and co-writers, Wesley Stromberg and Drew Chadwick. The energy that we felt in the room is the energy we feel in the song. I think that the secret sauce to songwriting is, however, you want the song to feel, you have to truly feel that way when creating it.” tells Chloe.

Indigenous singer-songwriter, visual artist, and tribal advocate, Chloe Star is an artist of many mediums. During her childhood, she split her time between Los Angeles and the reservation on which her family lived in San Bernardino.

You can connect with Chloe on Instagram.

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