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Boys Club For Girls Debut with Upcoming Album & Two New Singles (Interview)

The country-Americana duo, Boys Club for Girls, released double singles on January 19th and they aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

The duo consisting of singer-songwriters Amie Miriello and Vanessa Olivarez released two new singles titled “Bad Luck Baby” and “Not Just Yet” ahead of their debut album releasing in March 2023.

“”Bad Luck Baby” is a self-deprecating love song about loving someone so much you want to spare them from your mess. It’s a comparison between what you think of yourself and the pedestal you hold your lover up on and feeling unworthy. “You’re a rabbit’s foot, I’m a black cat’s tongue”. “Not just yet” is a song about not being over someone yet and how everything around you becomes a reminder of the love you lost,” explains Amie.

You can listen to “Bad Luck Baby” below.

You can listen to “Not Just Yet” below.

“Bad Luck Baby” is a sort of torch song for the self-sabotager. It’s an unnecessary warning for the ones who love us, but also a reminder that we don’t always have to make things as hard on ourselves as we do. A call to accept the love we are being given and realize we are worthy. Not Just Yet is a song that begs for the light at the end of a long tunnel that shows up beam by beam. A little at a time. It’s a tap on the shoulder from your better self to say, “things are gonna be okay…” tells Vanessa.

As soon as they met in 2019, the duo stood out from traditional roles of women in music and worked to capture the rule-breaking spirit of the 1970s with their unique vintage sounds, creating their own boys’ club.

For the 11-song project, Boys Club for Girls enlisted Nashville’s Tim Craven to produce.

We recorded these in a time crunch with amazing musician friends who really showed up for us and played their butts off. Tim Craven jumped on board as producer and the whole thing just magically came together. It was so much fun,” tells Amie.

With the release of the duel singles, the band also debuted on their first Spotify editorial placement, “Emerging Americana.”

Bad Luck Baby” was maybe the 3rd song we penned together and it remains one of my favorites to this day. Like many of our songs, it came together very rapidly. I think we had it in less than an hour. It was recorded by the wonderful staff and students along with Tim Craven at Dark Horse Institute. Not Just Yet is a newer tune we wrote in the last year or so. That one was recorded at Blackbird Academy with the students, teachers, and Tim. Both recording experiences were stellar and seamless, but they always are with Tim in charge,” tells Vanessa.

You can pre-save / pre-add their upcoming album here.

We plan to play as many shows as possible, connect with our new fans and write our next record,” tells Amie when talking about their future.

You can connect with them on Instagram.

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