In anticipation of “I Hate Cowboys And All Dogs Go To Heaven”, Chase Rice has released the brand new track “I Hate Cowboys.”.

Countrypolitan Magazine | Countrypolitan Magazine

Rice has long been a staple of Nashville’s music scene. He has written a number of chart-toppers, including “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line. In addition, Rice has succeeded with songs such as “Lonely If You Are,” “Eyes On You,” and “Drinkin’ Beer.” He is now about to release the album he has been working on for a while. The album is a tribute to his late father and is set to be released on February 10th.

Compared to country music’s traditional love affair with cowboys, “I Hate Cowboys” takes a different view. As he sings, Rice takes up the perspective of a man who has been abandoned by men riding away on horseback.

The song was released in conjunction with the official music video as well. Throughout the video, cowboy tropes are shown endlessly, driving home the message of the track. As soon as you hear the song and see those images, you understand how country this song is. The song explores how cowboys differ from other men while also displaying Rice’s signature, casual style.

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