TikTok star Gary Grey has been blazing throughout the year on a high note. Recently, Gary released “Beautiful Mistake,” marking this his first release in English.

This song means a lot to me because it is my very first song in English. Because it is my second language, it wasn’t very easy. I recorded it back in January with my amazingly talented friend, VeeAlwaysHere, who produced and wrote the song and helped me with pronunciation line by line. I really worked hard to achieve the final sound,” tells Gary. “The song itself is about love, because love saves the world. I think everybody once in their life wants to make a beautiful mistake with someone.

You can listen to “Beautiful Mistake” below.

As most artists draw their experiences from their personal life, Gary is no different.

I always write songs inspired by some personal experiences, and, for example, my next song is about my 3.5 years relationship that ended with a tough breakup. But, “Beautiful Mistake,” is more about the collective image of your ideal significant other that we all always search for. I don’t sing about a specific person here. I want everybody to hear their own story inside the song,” shares Gary.

Gary built his TikTok following alongside founding the most popular TikTok house in the world, XO Team. The XO team is comprised of a different group of creators, producers, actors, and musicians who have played a part in creating a base with over 39 million TikTok followers.

This song was written within two hours in our at home studio [The XO Team house], and some lines were recorded from the first take. But, the main difficulty for me was pronunciation which I was extremely afraid about. I have performed English covers before but for my original song, it was even more important to me. I am a perfectionist.” shares Gary.

While this is his latest music offerings, it’s no question that Gary won’t be making a further push into music with his career.

During the last couple of months, I’ve recorded many songs and found the best genre for me – pop-rock. I have many pop-rock songs coming out next year, and also I’m a part of our music group XO TEAM, in addition to my work as a solo artist. At the end of January, we are filming a really cool music video in Sri Lanka for an upcoming song. I have big goals for 2023 and want some massive billboard hits,” tells Gary

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