There is nothing more exciting than the release of the highly-anticipated first single of Yellowstone‘s Luke Grimes, and country music fans are already learning its lyrics and getting familiar with this swoon-worthy song. 

As part of his announcement that he would be entering the music industry just months ago, Grieve revealed he would be performing at Stagecoach, the biggest music festival in the world.

The first notes of his debut song were eagerly awaited by fans, and he teased them during the Yellowstone episode on Sunday night. 

Fans all over have been talking about his new song, “No Horse to Ride,” and it is becoming a rage. The lyrics are like this, and you will most likely have the song stuck in your head the rest of the year.

The release comes just days after Grimes revealed that he signed with Universal Music Group Nashville (UMGN) in association with Range Music earlier this month.

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