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Reflection & Growth: Canadian Riser Sacha Steps Into 2023 with a Bright Horizon (Interview)

As 2022 was a wild ride for this Artist to Watch 2023, Sacha, the singer-songwriter is truly at the start of the top of her career.

In addition to a CMT New Women of Country alumna, SACHA recently released a new song “Call It Country” that features fellow Canadian and multi-platinum artist Jade Eagleson.

She won her first-ever CCMA Award for Top Selling Canadian Single this fall with The Reklaws collaboration “What The Truck.” This was only the beginning of SACHA’s meteoric rise since 2021, as it became the fastest country song in Canada in history to go PLATINUM.

Looking Back On 2022

What is the best thing that happened? This year has been filled with incredible achievements and dreams come true, but if I had to highlight one of them it would be the CMT Next Women of Country Tour across the US opening for Maddie and Tae. I loved them ever since I heard them in “Girl in a Country Song” and if you were to tell me that one day I would have the honour of heading on a tour with them across the US, I might have said, “AS IF.” I love being on the road and performing live because it gives me the opportunity to do what I feel I was born to do, as well as seeing new places and meeting new faces along the way.

What advice would you give to your last year self? The advice I would give my last year self would be to be thankful for every opportunity you get and never take any of it for granted, whether it be on a stage, on the radio, or a new fan.

What are you thankful for this year? I am thankful for every person who has said “YES” to me and believed in me. These are people who I consider to be my champions. In this industry, there are a lot of closed doors, and the one that opens can make all the difference!

Describe your year in five key words If I could sum up this year in five words they would be Rewarding, Exciting, Adventurous, Surreal, Inspiring.

What was your favorite moment? One of my favorite moments of this year took place in May when I went to New York City to see the premiere of my music video for “Pretty Please” on CMT’s Billboard in Times Square. That was a surreal moment for me and another opportunity to reflect on how far I have come and how grateful I am to see yet another dream come true!

Stepping Fresh Into 2023

What is your intention for next year? My intention for next year is to continue checking off the boxes in my dream journal. I make a list of things that I desire to come to pass one year at a time. When it comes to 2023, a couple of goals are to play as many live shows as possible and elevate as an Artist and in creativity when it comes to writing and putting out great songs.

How will you help others? One of the things I love about music is the power songs have to meet people where they are at. Helping others is essential to me as an Artist, whether it be meeting a need, raising funds, singing songs, or sharing my personal story to encourage and inspire others. I am currently exploring pairing my music with brands that focus on giving as I expand in my own philanthropic endeavors.

What are you going to continue doing? I am going to continue to be persistent and optimistic about everything I wish to accomplish in my career.

What will you do to step out of your comfort zone? I will continue to look for opportunities that require courage as I explore the unfamiliar, including making changes to my daily routine, expanding in my artistry and musical skillset, along with setting new goals and challenges for myself in general.

How will you take care of yourself? When it comes to taking care of myself, I would like to build into my routine more dedicated time for meditation. I think it’s essential when it comes to someone such as myself who is very goal-oriented and nonstop to take moments that allow my soul to breathe in a different space and at a slower pace. Eating well and staying active are also key disciplines that contribute to my personal self-care needs.

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