The Voice standout Madeline Consoer has spent the last year releasing singles like “Little Miss.” The singer-songwriter has returned with the release of her new EP titled “Little Miss.”

In “Little Miss,” Consoer recounts the real-life story of a person who reminded her how two-faced Nashville girls can be. In this high-energy song, she does not hold back.

The entire project has a country-rock-driven sound which complements her vocal ability and the entire project as a whole.

Five songs in all, Little Miss was produced by Jerry Alan Jacobs (co-production on “Drinking To You” by Shawn Gough), with Consoer co-writing four of the five songs.

The artistic ability she has is not only expressed through her songwriting and vocal ability, demonstrating that she is on the horizon to take over 2023.

I love writing and creating new music, and sharing what I love to do with the world,” Consoer told People.“I’ve been releasing music for years, and I just felt like it was time to compile some of my favorite work and put it into one project.”

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