On Yellowstone, the major players are beginning to take sides. What appears to be the main tensions for the remainder of the season are gathered in episode 4.

On one side are Beth and John (and Rainwater?) and Market Equities, environmentalists, Kayce and Jamie—the killing of the park wolves, Kayce’s choice, Market Equities’ hands-off approach to ruining the Duttons, and, once again, Beth’s insatiable hatred for Jamie.

Tonight’s episode featured a fan-favorite track from Zach Bryan titled “The Good I’ll Do,” which you can listen to below.

Previous episodes include music from the following:

Episode 1 – “One Hundred Years is Nothing” – 11/13/2022

  • Robert Earl Keen – “Shades of Grey” (Everyone hanging around the bunkhouse)
  • Dolly Parton – “Mule Skinner Blues (Blue Yodel No. 8)” (Young Beth and Rip on a date)
  • Zach Bryan – “Whiskey Fever” (In the bunkhouse)
  • Shane Smith and the Saints – “Fire In the Ocean” (Shane Smith & the Saints sound check)
  • Shane Smith and the Saints – “Alex” (John Dutton and Senator Perry talking in the dining tent)
  • Shane Smith and the Saints – “Dance The Night Away” (Band plays, while the cowboys are in the pen)
  • Hayes Carll – “Happy Hour” (Trucker listening to music)

Episode 2 – “The Sting of Wisdom – 11/13/2022

  • Andy Ezrin, Chris Haijan – “Cosmopolitan” (At the Deerfield Club back bar)
  • Fredrick Chopin – “Nocturne Op. 9-1 No. 1 In B Flat Minor” (At the Deerfield Club Lounge)

Episode 3 – “Tall Drink of Water” – 11/20/2022

  • 49 Winchester – “Last Call” (At the bunkhouse)
  • Vincent Neil Emerson – “Willie Nelson’s Wall” (Playing cards)
  • Lainey Wilson – “Smell Like Smoke” (Abby at the Crystal Bar)
  • Issac Hoskins – “Off The Wagon” (Issac Hoskins performs at the Crystal Bar)

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