“Broadway Girls”, a new track from Morgan Wallen and Lil Durk, is available on all streaming platforms now, December 17th. 

Fans urged Morgan Wallen to release a song called “Broadway Girls” after he shared a video clip of the song on social media earlier this year. Wallen released the song within days to a frenzied fan base. Wallen is doing exactly that in a totally unexpected way, working with legendary rapper Lil Durk on a version of “Broadway Girls.”

“I met her down at Aldean’s // She said she that saw me walking in about a mile away // Bouncers had to take her phone and that just took her smile away // She said I’m too drunk and crazy she don’t like the way I dance // She said you don’t have to join in //She said she’d take a chance”

n addition to the verse we have grown to love from the previously released clip, the new song has brand new verses from Lil Durk. We love the creativity and innovation of collaboration. Our ears are open to what Lil Durk and Wallen have put together, and we are here for it!

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