Today, we were treated to the final collaboration from HiXTAPE featuring Morgan Wallen, HARDY, and Chris Shiflett. Independent artists Gregory Griffin, Renne Blair, and Minnie Murphy showcase their talent throughout.

Renee Blair – Turn Up the Night

Trace Adkins – A Country Boy Can Survive (from FOX’s Monarch)

Shawn Austin – Planes Don’t Wait

Minnie Murphy – Superarlo Get Over It (Espanol)

Jennie Harluck – Just Like That

HiXTAPE, HARDY, Morgan Wallen, Chris Shiflett – Goin’ Nowhere

Manny Blu – 95

Chris Lane – Stop Coming Over

Marie Osmond – Unexpected

Karlie Bartholomew – A Way to Start

Ches Anthony – Rain

Gregory Griffin – Salt Flats

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