The fact is, Yellowstone has done an outstanding job of highlighting some of the best of country music. We are talking about real country music, the kind of indie artist who could benefit from more exposure.

Last night’s episode featured Colter Wall, Blackberry Smoke, and Zach Bryan.

Colter Wall – Cowpoke

Blackberry Smoke – All Over The Road

Zach Bryan – Flying Or Crying

Previous Yellowstone episodes song selections include:

Episode 1- Half The Money – 11/7/2021

  • Hailey Whitters – “Black Sheep” (In the bunkhouse)
  • TVA – “Goodbye” (Beth at the bar)
  • Colter Wall – “Plain to See Plainsman” (Ending Scene)

Episode 2 – Phantom Pain – 11/7/2021

  • Blackberry Smoke – “Hey Delilah” (Travis shows off horses)
  • J.A. Maxwell-Saunders – “Thoughts Fly Free” (Beth at Yellowstone Club)
  • Ross Shifflett – “Deeper in the Woods” (Travis working the horses)
  • Ryan Bingham – “The Other Side” (Walker plays a song in the bunkhouse)
  • Ryan Bingham – “Wishing Well” (Walker in the bunkhouse)

Episode 3 – All I See Is You – 11/14/2021

  • Colter Wall – “Sleeping on the Blacktop” (Opening scene)
  • Ross Shifflett – “Ain’t Got Much” (Showing off horses)
  • The Steel Woods – “Blind Lover” (Showing off horse)
  • Pink Shark Music – “Come On Over” – (In Beth’s Mercedes)
  • MIBE – “Together With Family” – (In Beth’s Mercedes)
  • Thomm Jutz and Peter Cronin – “Cherie” – (In Beth’s Mercedes)
  • Shane Smith and the Saints – “All I See Is You”
  • John Prine – “Caravan of Fools” (Ending)

Episode 4 – Winning or Learning – 11/21/2021

  • Shane Smith and the Saints – “All I See Is You” (Opening)
  • Bill Anschell – “Lana” (At Deerfield Club)
  • Shooter Jennings – “The Low Road” (At the Bunkhouse)
  • Willie Nelson – “Hands on the Wheel” (Ending)

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