Tyler Braden, an Alabama native, is rocking his way to stardom. Currently signed to Warner Music, he has amassed over 70 million streams. Brantley Gilbert recently invited him to join THE WORST COUNTRY TOUR OF ALL TIME, and he will tour with him across the nation and into Canada.

More content from this country-rock star has been eagerly anticipated by his fans. In order to raise anticipation, Braden pre-released three of the seven songs on his next release: “Ways To Miss You,” “Secret,” and “What Do They Know.” Braden released his debut EP on November 19th, 2021, called WHAT DO THEY KNOW.

Adam Wood, Randy Montana, Mark Holman, and Mark Holman produced the project. Jason Nix, Mark Holman, James McNair, Adam Wood, Michael Whitworth, and Aaron Scherz wrote tracks on this album. With just seven songs, Braden proves why he is a talented artist. With the first track, “Better Off,” you’ll be driving with the windows down like a classic. The tone and emotion of his warm, strong vocals in conjunction with the flowing production catch the people’s attention and have them singing along with every line. In “What I See,” Braden paints a vivid picture of redefining his future with the person who means the most to him.

One of the best tracks on this EP is “Try Losing One.” A ballad full of regret and remorse, it reveals the most vulnerable side of Braden. He carries a burden over lost love, and his listeners can see this. That’s what makes the track so clear and relatable. His vocals capture an incredible amount of emotion and vulnerability. Whether it’s a ballad or a rock tune, Braden’s raw, powerful talent is displayed in the most complementary way.

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