Let us introduce you to a rising country singer-songwriter on a mission to make country music sad again. Meet Parker Graye, everyone. Based in Canada, the artist to watch has quickly made a statement within the realm of country music. Today, Parker returns with the release of her new single “Cowboys Go.”

The song is currently featured on Apple Music’s Back Porch Country, New In Country, Canada’s Country, Country Risers, and Amazon’s Breakthrough Country playlist. 

Graye is a master at turning profound emotions into powerful lyrics, and she is particularly talented at sad songs. She doesn’t undermine her honesty by adding palatable notions of optimism and faith to round out the edges of her realism. In keeping with her classic country roots, she delivers the sadness of reality straight up and to the point.

“Sure as the wind blows, love gon’ go / He’ll give you up for the open road / If he sees a sunset, he won’t stick around. Leave you in the dust and some tracks on the ground.”

“Cowboy Go” is a powerful song that expresses a country girl’s dichotomy of knowing better than to long for a cowboy, but still having trouble resisting daydreams. The truth is it’s not just cowboys who roam, so this song will ring true for so many who are trying to find love in a world where “ghosting” is so common. Throughout the song, Graye describes how people chase dreams in hopes of different outcomes. However, they are grasping at a sliver of hope that is so small that it is easy to miss and dismiss.

Despite her acceptance that reality won’t live up to her dreams, Graye’s heart is pumped with hope in the haze created by the dreamy Western instrumental. Graye will continue to show us sad girls make beautiful music until her cowboy stays.

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