Russell Dickerson Releases Collaboration on “Home Sweet” with Lady A (Review)

The new version of “Home Sweet,” featuring Russell Dickerson and Lady A, is available on all streaming platforms today, November 19th. 

Russell Dickerson and Lady A collaborated on a new version of his hit single “Home Sweet”. The incredible vocals and harmonies from the group make an already amazing tune even better. 

The current radio single from Dickerson’s newest album, Southern Symphony, is “Home Sweet.”. Dickerson sings to his wife about the somewhat unusual lifestyle they live, given Dickerson’s career. They are not at home when they are apart, whether they are at home, a run-down hotel room, or even a tour bus. In addition to Hillary Scott and Charles Kelley, Dave Haywood is also familiar with this sentiment. Home means so many different things to so many people, but often it’s just being with your loved one or with your family, not necessarily a specific address.

In the new collaboration of “Home Sweet”, you can feel the authenticity and the relatability of each artist.

“No, there ain’t nothing like // Home sweet, you and me // Ain’t got much but we got all we need // Wherever the wind blows // Wherever this life goes // Baby, all I know, ain’t nothing like // Home sweet // You and me”

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