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Lane Smith Debuts Volume One of His Highly-Anticipated Project (Review)

Lane Smith, a bullfighter who spent a decade in the business, breaks into the country music scene with his first major project, Volume One. During Lane’s six tracks, he leaves you with no expectations for country music stereotypes and instead blows your mind with his inventive storytelling and innovative sound, which bring a fresh perspective to country music. 

Lane Smith

Lane introduces us to his EP with the quote that is the title of the first track, “Big Show”. A hypnotic track and a catchy chorus twist the usual country narrative, “Welcome to the big show / Makin’ sure your beers cold / Baby we’re the highlight / Freaky Friday good time”. With the help of Chris Beard, Lane creates the perfect release. It’s the only track from the album not written by Lane completely.

Each of the following tracks has a compelling storyline and a mesmerizing element of love. There’s no doubt that “Longshot” is a love song from the very first beat. Nevertheless, it takes the typical bar meeting narrative in country music and turns it into a sweet, passionate love story with lyrics that will make the listener fall in love with the story. “Guy In A Bar” gives us an alternative outcome where Lane does not take the long shot and wonders if things would have been different if he had taken the chance.

We are drawn to the song “If You Love Me” blindly without expecting anything, and Lane’s voice breaks through in the chorus. Those who listen to his lyrics and tone can see it unfold in front of them as if it were happening right now.

In terms of revenge, “Bad News,” his previously popular single with hints of rock, was the perfect track for this EP. There are references to vengeance and karma in this track, which differs from his other intimate and compassionate tracks.

With a cover of Free The People’s “Pumped Up Kicks”, he closes out the EP with a track we didn’t know we needed, but we are so grateful for the creative team behind it. We really like the choice Lane Smith made, as it fits so well with the sound he is creating for himself and completes it with the country element he added.

All of these things are featured on the EP, and it is only the first installment to the highly anticipated second part of the project due out in Spring 2022.

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