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Renee Blair Emerges With A Statement in Album “Seventeen” (Review)

Renee Blair, an emerging artist, and songwriter released her debut album, Seventeen. The songwriters and producers on Blair’s album include Jordan Schmidt, Kane Brown, Shane McAnally, Walker Hayes, and more. Spotify’s Hot Country playlist and Apple Music’s Today’s Country list feature her music, and she was a member of CMT’s Next Women of Country class for 2020.

The songs on seventeen are like pieces of a puzzle: they each represent a specific aspect of the artist Renee Blair; when combined, they reveal her full potential. In her music, Blair integrates elements of country, pop-country, acoustic music, R&B/hip hop, rock, and dance. This album stands out for its vocal arrangements, especially the rhythmic background vocals and Blair’s vocal control. The song’s lyrics are belted out, and the singer sings in a whisper-like voice and includes soothing background vocals.

The record will immediately strike listeners as being very personal, and that is not a coincidence. The songs on this album were co-written by Blair, and each song she has written is her own. If the listener is in love, heartbroken, misses their ex, or just wants to get out into the world, there is a song for them.

There are several vulnerable songs on the project, including “Soon As I’m Happy”, “Handsome”, “You Did”, and “Stronger Than Me”. With this album, Blair brought an emotional voice and a powerful songwriting style to the album. Taking a “less is more” approach, the production of “You Did” adds to the vulnerability of Blair’s voice and lyrics. It is evident from Blair’s vocal performance of “Soon As I’m Happy” that she possesses great vocal power and control.

It also shows another side of Blair, a side that makes her sound like someone you would like to hang out with on a Friday or Saturday night. A song like “Heatin’ Up My Summer”, “Turn Up The Night”, or “Downtowned Up” is perfect to get people in the mood for a night of fun. “Heatin’ Up My Summer” offers a unique production style that will keep listeners entertained. “Heatin’ Up My Summer” also has an acoustic version that is noteworthy. While focusing mostly on the vocals and guitar, it manages to keep the fun vibe of the song.

Renee Blair is introduced in Seventeen in an incredible way. There are a few fan favorites in the project, such as “Heart’s In Your Head”, “Turn Up the Night”, and “You Did”. It is certain, however, that fans will have even more favorite songs after listening to the whole project! The debut album from Renee Blair has received 21 million global streams to date.

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