Lexi Jordan Sets for the Longway with “Highway” (Exclusive)

Country newcomer Lexi Jordan isn’t slowing down with her new single “Highway.”

Throughout the song, she discusses her struggle to let go of both others’ opinions and her own fears. Throughout the song, she follows what her heart desires. It is one of those songs that truly makes you want to throw your windows open and do your own thing. 

You can watch the exclusive premiere below.

Highway is all about letting go and being free. Throughout my life, I experienced lots of people saying my dreams were “too crazy”. A lot of times it made my personal fears worse. This symbolizes moving past that and following whatever sets your soul on fire. I learned that only you truly know that answer for yourself.

In her song “Highway,” Lexi hopes people feel a sense of freedom. She wants it to inspire them to pursue their own paths regardless of what others have to say.

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