Singer-songwriter Caroline Kasay debuts her sound within music with the release of her debut EP “Go There Again.” You can stream the new release on all digital platforms today.

Tracklist of EP:

  • 1. Beautiful City (ft. Zach Adkins)
  • 2. Go There Again
  • 3. Love Will Come and Find Me Again
  • 4. One Day
  • 5. Our Own World

With Caroline’s fresh vocals, the singer showcases her Broadway-style songs while throwing her talent for songwriting. The EP release defines the status of Caroline’s career within the music industry.

Zach Adkins, an actor, and singer-songwriter joins Caroline’s voice in “Beautiful City.” This track (typically sung by two males) combines Caroline and Zach’s voices to create an original version of the theatre classic.

You can follow along on Caroline’s journey by visiting her on Instagram.

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