Lindsay Adamson is back at it again and has created yet another brilliant pop-country female empowerment anthem. Adamson has given us a single that is truly reflective of a tumultuous relationship that is easily relatable to any listener that has suffered immense heartbreak. Adamson tells this sentimental story and shows off her strong, stunning voice all while appealing to the modern-day country/pop radio sound. 

After going through a breakup, Adamson grew instantly drawn to “Get You Back” when she was first presented with it. After she gave up on the online dating realm, she found love by accident. Having thought she met her person, her partner didn’t reciprocate, and the heartbreak that came from that loss of love was more than the singer could handle. She channeled this heartbreak into her amazingly sincere vocal performance and gave writers Dave Thompson and Kiki Halliday’s lyrics a whole new perspective.

With lucious guitar sweeping in the background, an infectious drum beat, and Lindsay’s incredible vocal styling, this single is an instant crossover hit for the on-the-rise Canadian country artist. The song is vulnerable and open, but still keeps its fierce edge with clever lyricism and Lindsay’s powerful and raw interpretation of the single’s story.

Lindsay Adamson has stayed true to her authentic sound while mirroring the irresistible sounds of female country royalty such as Kelsea Ballerini, Maren Morris, and Carly Pearce, which not all artists can pull off – “Get You Back” is a true testament to Lindsay Adamson’s talent, which shows itself brilliantly on this track.

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