Singer-songwriter Brandon Stansell delivers the post-pandemic soundtrack we’ve all been longing for with the single, “Pick Up Where We Left Off.” 

I wrote Pick Up Where We Left Off with my friend and long-time collaborator MYLEN. We’ve written a lot together over the past few years including my songs Slow Down and Hometown. We got together one afternoon, and he had this working title, so we just built a song around it! We were in the middle of the pandemic, and I had started developing feelings for a friend who moved to the east coast early on during the shutdown. I thought when he got back, there might be something between us, so I used this as inspiration for the song. As it turns out, this friend had absolutely no feelings for me. So, I didn’t get him, but I got a great song out of him!” explains Stansell.

I hope people have fun listening to this song! We’ve all been through a lot over the past year, so I hope this brings a little light and levity to those who hear it.” explains Brandon.

With “Pick Up Where We Left Off”  Brandon set’s the whole tone of his entire EP “This Must Be The Place” which was released via PEG Records and Warner Music Group/ADA.

Writing tends to be quite personal, so every release usually reflects what’s going on in my life at that moment and this record is no exception. The EP is about dating again, dates gone wrong, and days when I’ve felt weighed down by the days behind me rather than what’s ahead. But despite some serious tones, the majority of the EP is optimistic, positive, and pure pop country.” explains Brandon.

You can connect with Brandon Stansell by visiting his website

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