The pop songstress out of Nashville, TN, Lena Stone releases her latest single “Taking Up Space.”

Combined with Stone’s bare lyrics and piano performance, the release conveys what it is like to be who you are, without apology.

Taking Up Space” is one of the most deeply vulnerable songs I’ve ever written, and the idea of releasing it into the world was definitely a little intimidating,” said Stone. “But right now this is the song that I need to hear, and I have a feeling that it will resonate with other people too. Loving yourself fully is an incredibly hard thing to do but it’s so, so important. I’m still working on it!”” explains Lena.

It’s wonderful how her smooth vocals convey the emotion and vulnerability tell the story of her song. Embrace who we are, a vulnerable song that wraps itself around warm melodies to create an overall atmosphere I find quite captivating.

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