Country Newcomer David Tucker Strips Down Recent Single “Miss Taken” (Interview)

Having already made a name for himself with his debut single, “Lyin,” country newcomer David Tucker follows it up with “Miss Taken.”

This song is about how a guy took a girl for granted, and I’m thanking him for doing her wrong because now she’s mine. It’s little a reminder to treat your girl right because you never know when someone else might come along and treat her better!” explains David.

Tucker’s clever lyrics add a fresh perspective to a traditional country love song that will stick in your head all year long.

I just hope it reminds people to appreciate what they’ve got while they have it.” explains David.

While watching the video, listeners feel as if they are being serenaded by the artist’s voice and the intimate setting. This acoustic release is perfect for the young musician as an end-of-summer release.

With more than 68,000 total streams on Spotify and additions to multiple popular playlists, Tucker’s popularity continues to grow. “Miss Taken – Acoustic” will only further increase listeners’ interest and excitement to hear more from the talented rising star.

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Photo Credit: Logen Christopher

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