Conner Smith, a new artist, debuted his work back in June. Fans got to hear two brand new songs from the artist. He showcased his extensive artistry in “Tennessee” and “Learned From It”. The singer is back with a new single today, “Take It Slow.”

Smooth, nostalgic, and inviting, the new track is a good choice. Throughout the film, we all feel like we are experiencing young love again for the first time. The country music scene is in need of Smith’s fresh sound. His music is both believable and relatable because he doesn’t try to be anything other than himself. This song is both romantic and innocent, a difficult combination to maintain.

“You came down your stairs with that sundress and your Chuck Taylors on // Your pops said don’t keep me up all night long // We pulled out your drive about the time the sky went pink // I said baby what you think // You said take it slow // I know a backroad we can find a spot we can be alone // We can sway back and forth to what’s on the radio”

TSmith’s 21st birthday coincides with the release of the song.Having a true talent for entertaining, the singer offers fans this song to celebrate. You’ll end up singing “Take It Slow” for days after hearing it for the first time. Smith further expands his catalog of songs with another great release.

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