A new song by New Jersey-based singer-songwriter Lauren Davidson was released on, September 10th, 2021, titled “A Little Love“. This song is the fifth track on her upcoming EP Hindsight Is 2020. This EP is Davidson’s reflection on her current feelings as the pandemic unfolded over the previous year, and follows her previous singles “Thinking About You” and “Silver Linings”.

“A Little Love” shows the country singer’s vulnerable side while fusing contemporary sounds with a metropolitan New York City vibe. 

To set the tempo, the song begins with guitars and some percussion. With the lyrics, Davidson expresses not only the loss of love but also the loneliness she was experiencing while in quarantine. The lyrics are quite relatable since she says, “It feels like everything has changed and nothing all at once.” 

She complements her attention-grabbing voice with subtle production in this lonely song. With every line of her song, Davidson will enchant you, remembering the warning that “sometimes a little love can break your heart.”

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