Singer-songwriter Olivia Farabaugh showcases a vulnerable side of her artistry with the release of her single “Body Will Break.”

“For so long I wanted to write a song about this piece of my life that was so private, but I never seemed to know where to start. It was so close to my heart. Then it hit me, the song isn’t supposed to be about the struggle I have physically, but in the struggle to mentally accept this new reality and my new body. My mind and body were constantly at war,” expresses Olivia.

The newest single “Body Will Break” is about her personal experience with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. According to a study, only 24% of the population is affected by this.

Throughout the lyrics, Olivia showcases her emotion throughout the lyrics she’s seeing. From the production to the vocals, Olivia’s newest release is going to impact many to come.

You can listen to the new single by clicking here.

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