Home and a Hometown,” Hannah Ellis‘ brand new single, is just a few weeks away from her debut at The Opry (September 28th, 2021).

She introduces herself with a bright and crisp feel that goes perfectly with her pure voice. A song like this is one that can be heard pouring out the windows of vehicles passing by, and one that begs to be turned up while you are alone in your apartment cleaning. Creating a feel-good and soothing scene, everything that is warm and familiar is included in the song’s production.

Ellis’s cheery track welcomes all the things you loved and still love with a warm remembrance of things past and present. Asked about the inspiration for the song, Ellis replied, “I was driving to my hometown, and realized that I always speed on that drive because I just can’t wait to be there. I then thought about the fact that I do the same thing when I am driving back home to Nashville because I just wanna be there, too. I realized that I love both places so much for different reasons and it occurred to me that I have a home AND a hometown. I came home to Nashville and wrote the song that week.” Her reasoning is clear when the lyrics of the chorus hit, “I got a highway and I got a backroad. I got fast pace life and place I go to move slow.”

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