New artist Niko Moon released his debut album “Good Time” on Friday, August 27. He’s finally letting his fans hear his entire body of work after making waves with hit songs “Good Time” and “No Sad Songs.”

Born and raised in Georgia, Moon likes to create music that represents the place in which he grew up. The banjo, blues, and a bit of hip-hop inspired his fascination with music. A drummer with a passion for old cars was his father. The memories Moon has of driving to his father’s house and listening to the music his father played are among his favorites. In the present, Moon is busy creating his own music for people to listen to while they drive.

“Drunk Over You” could be a great radio candidate. Despite being no doubt country, the hip-hop track gives the song an entirely new touch. Considering Moon’s unique country sound incorporates elements from both pop and hip-hop, there is no shortage of chart-topping songs on this record.

Summer is coming to an end, so this album is perfect for it. This project is filled with feel-good songs, and the last track embodies that well and closes it out. “Paradise To Me” is another song that shares a similar vibe. Moon sings about the things he is most proud of that many people can relate to.

Niko Moon

On this project, there are notable acoustic features, as well. The track “Without Saying A Word” discusses everything his father taught him. “It’s what you do, not what you say, learn to bend and you’ll never break, keep your word, finish what you start, fall in love with a woman’s heart.” The sweet love song “Dance With Me” serves as a perfect end to the album. 

There’s no doubt Let It Ride is a good country song, especially when blared on a boat or with the windows down. Moon still proves his country roots at the core of every song, regardless of how many elements come from other genres. The concept of “Good Time” is just exactly that – it’s a good time regardless of everything going on around you.

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