Welcome to Monday Flash – a weekly series of our favorite new releases from both country and pop.

Kacey Musgraves – justified

Seaforth – Breakups (Acoustic)

Ginger Minj – Walk Tall

Liddy Clark – Led Myself On

Nelly – Heartland (Album)

Niko Moon – Good Time (Album)

Luke Combs – South On Ya

Michael Ray, Kid Rock, Lee Brice, Billy Gibbons, Tim Montana – Higher Education

Zac Brown Band – Slow Burn

Natalie Hemby – Radio Silence

Ryan Hurd – June, July, August

Jimmie Allen – Big In A Small Town

Fab The Duo – ISFB

Trace Adkins – Where I Am Today

Randy Travis – Ain’t No Use

Halsey – I am not woman, I’m a god

Eddie Montgomery – Alive and Well

Reba McEntire – Can’t Even Get The Blues (Revived)

Scotty McCreery – Carolina To Me

Kidd G – Paper Hearts (F-150)

Renee Blair – Turn Up the Night

OneRepublic – Someday

Muscadine Bloodline – Dyin’ For a Livin’

King Calaway – Homegrown

Ross Copperman, Emily Weisband – Trust You

Lexi Jordan – Highway

Larry Fleet – Different Shade of Red

Avery Anna – I Love You More

Sammy Arriaga – meet my momma.

Brandon Davis – Remember or Not

Reyna Roberts – Raised Right

BTS, Megan Thee Stallion – Butter

Sydney Mack – Save Me

Ashlie Amber – RUNNIN’

Morgan White – Take Me

LANY – roll over, baby

Erin Grand – Lonely Does

Britt Wilder – You

Liam Payne – Sunshine

Becca Bowen – Better Than The Dream

Hannah Ellis – Home and A Hometown

Cody Hibbard – You Don’t Want to Go There

Jonathan Hutcherson – EP

Derek Austin – Beer Me Up

Karissa Ella – Carackin’ Cold Ones

Chris Moreno – Live Without

Brett Westgrove – Truck Bed’s Good For

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