Becca Bowen Delivers Unique Sound in Pop-Country Track “Better Than the Dream” (Interview)

The rising country-pop artist Becca Bowen is slowing down. With the newest release “Better Than The Dream,” Becca showcases a different pop sound that isn’t heard with her past country-infused tracks.

The newest single was produced by Sal Oliveri and written by notable writers Rebecca Lynn Howard, Jamie Floyd, Rachel Thibodeau, and Mikayla Perry.

I am excited to release this feel-good love song! I have been wanting to release a song that would leave listeners with a smile. This song is positive and uplifting and that is what I was looking for. This song was pitched to me by a group of amazing writers Rebecca Lynn Howard, Jamie Floyd, Rachel Thibodeau, and Mikayla Perry. I absolutely couldn’t turn it down. Right now I feel like the world needs some love and this song brings that happy vibe! It’s about when your reality becomes better than the dream,” explains Becca.

With several releases under her belt, the singer-songwriter and TV personality is destined to be on the big stages soon.

“I hope it leaves them with a positive outlook on love and life. That listener are reminded that when you least expect it your life can turn out better than you could have ever imagined,” explains Becca.

After this release, Becca explains that she has many exciting things coming.

I have new music in the works, upcoming shows and the filming of the music video for Better Than the Dream. This year has started off great for the music industry and I will be creating, writing and diving into the music that I love.  Many exciting things are coming!” explains Becca

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