A new track from Luke Combs, entitled “South On Ya”, was released today. Through a partnership with the SEC Network, parts of the song were teased a month ago. Fans had a lot to look forward to with a video promo highlighting the football teams in the SEC while a song played in the background.

The most popular country artist right now is perhaps Luke Combs, despite the fact that the genre is filled with bright stars. He hasn’t slowed down during the past few years and seems to be at the top of his game. A record-breaking new album, 11 consecutive #1 singles, and CMA and ACM awards have all helped propel the North Carolina native into the stratosphere. Furthermore, Combs teased that his third album could be released sooner than we anticipate.

The SEC conference was an ideal place to write this song, given Combs’ love of football, southern culture, and country music. It’s easy to get hooked into the song from the first note. Thanks to the guitar riff and electric beat, the song combines all of the elements of southern-rock-country music. Therefore, it is no surprise that this song will serve as an anthem for this upcoming football season.

Luke Combs

All the states that make up the south are represented lyrically in “South On Ya”. “Down in Alabama, muddy Mississippi, the swamp in Louisiana…we hold it down, to Texas to Missouri, from the Arkansas hollers, and the grass in Kentucky, to the blue skies in Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia come and find us.” As Combs also sings, he makes his own kind of rebel yell when he says, “if you come around here better bring it cause we’re no doubt, gonna put a little south on ya.” The new fighting song for the SEC will surely be another hit for Combs.

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