Kirstie Kraus Claims Her Ground and Sends Encouraging Message with “Bird” (Premiere)

With the release of the new single ‘Bird,’ Kirstie Kraus has once again established herself as one of the genre’s most recognizable and acclaimed voices. Her star is continuing to rise rapidly and she has wowed audiences once again with her newest single.

Bird is about taking the high road and not letting someone get under your skin or affect you. I wrote it about meeting someone for the first time and it’s funny how it rings true in many scenarios. I encourage my Thirsties to not flip people their Bird!” explains Kirstie.

This new single, which showcases all sides of her incredible artistry, follows up upon previous hits and is poised to take her to new heights.

As a creative, Kirstie Kraus doesn’t shy away from sass, and her lyrical style can be comedic, witty, and uniquely her as both an artist and person. Performers like her consistently incorporate themselves into their songs and show their personalities within each offering.

I hope listeners will be reminded to not let others alter their moods and they can keep shinning as they let others negatively roll right past them,” explains Kirstie.

You can watch the exclusive first-look at her performance video below.

It’s a great anthem that encourages listeners to let go of the small things and maybe not use the middle finger when people upset them, regardless of how much you might want to.

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