Grammy award-winning country music trio Lady A has announced details of their upcoming full-length studio album of the same name with an October 22nd release date. The album follows their stunningly constructed EP of the same name.

As part of this collection, the Grammy Award-winning band continues to return to their roots, allowing their harmonies and lyrical stories to take center stage. It represents their vision of their sonic roots and ever-expanding artistic growth.

Lady A is at their best on ‘What A Song Can Do,’ and their newest single, ‘Where Would I Be,’ is a preview of what’s to come on the album later this year. The song is a classic country song that takes Lady A back in time to when they first started, there are no influences from outside this is Lady A as they were meant to be.

Speaking about the collection, Charles Kelley says: “We’ve rediscovered our purpose, and it’s to entertain and spread a positive message – I really truly believe that. I want our legacy to be songs that make people feel good. But, I also think there’s more to our story that hasn’t been written yet.”

In addition to the old-school Lady A vibes, there are gracious, uplifting songs on the album that show off the group’s longevity. In his first solo vocal performance with ‘Working On This Love,’ Dave Haywood sings a delicate acoustic poem written for his wife, Kelli.

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