Kane Brown Brings Traditional Vibes Into New Single “One Mississippi” (Review)

Kane Brown‘s new single “One Mississippi” was released on Friday, August 20. As Brown’s publishing company’s new signee, Levon Gray, wrote this song with him, it is special to him. Brown tagged Gray in a post about his music, which is written by the Alabama songwriter. It was Brown who invited Gray to Nashville, thus bringing “One Mississippi” to life.

Over the last few years, Brown has soared to fame. The Tennessee native has seven #1 hits including “Heaven,” “Good As You,” and “What If’s.” He’s collaborated with artists such as Khalid, Marshmellow, and Lauren Alaina. His music has influenced country music in a profound way. Country music’s genre-bending style is indicative of what inspires him, and it helps if more people are exposed to it.

The sound of “One Mississippi” is a little more traditional than that of some of Brown’s recent material. While Brown’s rich voice exudes emotion, the guitar riff conveys a sense of familiarity.

“This song is about a relationship. I don’t know if everybody’s had where you makeup and break up and you just keep running into each other, and then something about that spark in the relationship gets y’all back together,”

It was Gray who came up with the title and idea for the track, and Brown who put it into motion. Radio play for this song should be exceptionally high.

Kane Brown

Brown produces it with a fresh style that has become part of his signature. In this chorus, the beat picks up the tempo and the chorus is sure to stay stuck in everyone’s head. “Ain’t nothing but a countdown, one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three shots of whiskey, are you on your way?” If this is a hint at the music Brown has in store for us, we will be left wanting more.

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