Over the course of the past year or so, Brady Lee has steadily built his fanbase in Music City and beyond. Now, he is starting to see some real results in streaming numbers and international acclaim, and he is looking forward to pushing even further with his latest release, “Rewind.”

The new song, titled ‘Rewind’, is Lee’s newest single and it is one of those songs that grabs the attention of listeners instantly and gives him the opportunity to show off his vocal and songwriter skills while introducing new fans to his music. It is clear that he is a talented musician who is on his way to becoming a global star.

You can watch the exclusive premiere of the lyric video below.

His music is a great fit for crossover radio stations as it combines classic country sounds with modern-day pop productions, and his latest release is a stellar cross-genre tune.

On the single, Brady Lee says: “The song is about that moment in time when you catch yourself looking at old photos and thinking about the good memories of old relationships. Sometimes those deep dives go too far, and the next thing you know you’re spiraling, playing life on rewind.” 

The lyrical story flows like a mini-movie that plays out like a flashback for those listening. 

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