Becca Tremmel Shares Cinematic Piece with “Clay” (Premiere)

Singer-songwriter Becca Tremmel shares a very cinematic piece in her new single, “Clay.” During a quiet afternoon in her bedroom in 2018, Rebecca wrote this song at the piano by herself. 

I wrote this song alone at my piano one day towards the end of a relationship that changed everything about me. I looked at myself in the mirror one day and no longer recognized myself. Everything I was was influenced by him. My humor was his, my beliefs were his, my entire personality was his and everything I did every day revolved around him. It really shook me to my core after I realized I had allowed myself to be truly changed by this person. It was as if who I was before he didn’t matter, or even exist. I was shaped into what he wanted me to be, like his art. I felt molded much like, well… clay,” explains Becca.

You can listen to the track exclusively below.

In the photoshoot, Becca was covered in paint and clay in a statue-like appearance, and overall it was a very interesting photo session. Rebecca’s music is a mixture of pop, Americana, folk, country, and soft rock. 

Trevor Justin | Countrypolitan Magazine

I truly hope that whoever listens to this song and connects with it can walk away afterward and celebrate their worth and individuality. Your imperfections do not define you and they don’t need to be smoothed over by someone who won’t accept you as you are. I almost wish no one could relate to this song because it really is a defeating feeling, but if you do then I hope you walk away from your experience determined to re-discover who you are and that the right people will accept every perfect little imperfection effortlessly. There’s no need to change you as if you’re someone else’s art. You were always a work of art all on your own!” explains Becca.

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