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Mallory Pacific Releases Remixes in EP “Never Not Miss You… Til Death” (Premiere)

Pop singer-songwriter Mallory Pacific unfolds a remix EP titled “Never Not Miss You… Til Death” of her hit song “Never Not Miss You“. Producers Ash Taylor, Enoch Yang, and Crustacean Coulomb each created a remix to complement the original track. 

You can listen to the original track below.

I think each version gives you a perspective of different memories that we all experience. The original is uptempo and a more positive memory while the remixes are a little darker, symbolizing the harder times such as loss and grieving,” explains Mallory. “The EP is a little darker and different than what I’ve been doing and I love that because while I tend to be all about rainbows and sunshine it’s important to acknowledge all parts of our life, not just the positive parts. I hope these songs find themselves in the hearts of people needing to acknowledge their true feelings towards someone and find healing from the moments they still miss.”

It is the perfect follow-up to her hit single, “Never Not Miss You,” which topped The Q Review’s Q 32 List for 11 weeks with three weeks at number one!

You can listen to the remixed tracks exclusively below.

In addition to her colorful, flashy style, Mallory Pacific has a very creative sound. She draws inspiration from the creative art and gender expression of drag to create uplifting lyrics through an enthralling blend of pop beats and electronic music.

This song was written about a situation, a feeling, a moment inspired by someone of my past. We had the best time, the most fun, and such a memorable experience together. This was years ago and I still think about it because that time period shaped so much of my life. I feel that it’s super relatable as we all have people that we wish we had more time with or experiences we wish we could revisit. Those amazing ride-or-die moments are ones we never truly forget. Those are the ones we keep close to us forever,” explains Mallory

With many new projects on the way, Mallory confirms there’s another single on the horozion.

Leaving some room for mystery… let’s just say that the next release (scheduled for October) is titled “Dead To Me” explains Mallory.

You can learn more about Mallory Pacific by visiting her website

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