With heartfelt lyrics and an unrelenting passion for making real music, Molly Lovette makes up the vibrant country artist.

Recently, the St. Louis native released her feel-good summer anthem titled “Hey Hey.” You can watch the lyric video below.

“Hey Hey” is about a fun night out with friends. One of those nights where you run into people from your past, and the night just never ends. It’s a reminder of that fun feeling!” explains Molly. 

The music of Taylor Swift, Maren Morris, and Carrie Underwood inspired Molly to embody the power, grace, and beauty that they effortlessly display to their fans. Molly wrote this song about having fun singing and drinking with friends.

I hope that when people listen to “Hey Hey” they are taken back to one of their own late nights out with friends. It’s always fun to reminisce on old memories and people. I hope this song inspires people to go out and make some more memories with their friends!” explains Molly.

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