Singer-songwriter Jack Conway releases an acoustic version of “Wreckless Love.”

In the acoustic version of “Wreckless Love”, the story is told of unbreakable love – and how powerful it can be once you meet the person who ignites your soul metaphorically.

In life, we have relationships for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. It’s hard to discern exactly why people ebb and flow as they do, yet at the end of the day, the reason seems to come to light.” Conway explains. “Nevertheless, even when some people leave, there is and may forever be this unspoken feeling or connection that remains, and this is exactly what “Wreckless Love” is about. Wreckless Love can be best defined as a love that will always be no matter what, no matter when no matter where.

Jack Conway is a 25-year-old Singer/Songwriter from Indiana. Growing up in a sports-oriented family, he didn’t begin songwriting until he was 19 years of age.

He draws influences from artists like John Mayer, Charlie Puth, Shawn Mendes, and the Jonas Brothers – whilst crafting his own constructed melodies loaded with distinct and heartwarming lyrics, alongside a copious variety of infectious arrangements that are enough to draw anyone in.

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