A country ballad and EDM don’t usually mix well, but Avi Sic reworks Chantelle Mussell‘s “Perfect Little Failure” in an energetic dance remix.

“Perfect Little Failure” represents Chantelle Mussell’s heartbreaking visit to infidelity and love and the lead singles off her self-titled debut album. Initially a country tune, this electronic house rendition has been reworked by Avi Sic.

As Avi Sic puts it, “The drop is gritty and dirty, and the whole tune keeps the quality of the original.” The remix has elements of early blog house sound merged with a tense EDM melody. Both country and EDM fans will enjoy this new collaboration! 

Avi Sic is a driving force in the club scene of today. Avi Sic is a top DJ in Chicago and beyond, performing over 300 shows a year. Avi is an East Coast transplant to the second city, where he began DJing and composing songs as a teenager while playing a variety of instruments. As a DJ with over a decade of experience, she has set herself apart from her peers with her high-energy performances.

Her work includes headlining festivals, entertaining celebrities, and sharing the stage with world-class DJs and rappers such as Calvin Harris, Diplo, Cardi B, Doja Cat, Lil Wayne, Flo Rida, Jason Derulo, Gryffin, and more. Avi is the official concourse DJ for the Chicago Bulls league. She is also the first female DJ in Chicago with a mix show residency at iHeartRadio and KISS FM. She has worked with high-profile brands such as Google, Nike, Red Bull, OnlyFans, and others.

Despite the ever-evolving style, she enjoys playing bass house, melodic house, and trap while incorporating elements of hip hop.

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