Holiday State’s new single, “Not Today,” aims to help fans escape the stresses of life.

They are siblings from California are Brandon, Brett, and Bryan DeLaura. Musicians from the group integrate country, pop, rock, and R&B influences into their songs, and their song “Not Today” juxtaposes banjos, electric guitars, and an insistent rhythm with pure pop and soul.

As the lyrics point out, it’s about tossing away your worries and having fun despite the narrator’s woes, which include being evicted.

“Put your hands up / Drink out the bottle / One more shot / I’ll see you tomorrow / Take those cares and make them all go away / We getting gassed up / We go full-throttle / No more thoughts / Take another double / The time’s gonna come when we’re slow and old and gray / But you know that’s not today,” they sing in the chorus.

“Not Today” was written by Brandon DeLaura and Andria Farrell in October 2020, when the pandemic restrictions were starting to ease.

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