Dani Taylor Describes A Romantic Cycle In “Stangers Again” (Review)

In her new song, “Strangers Again,” country newcomer Dani Taylor describes a romantic life cycle that includes meeting someone, falling in love, and then watching it crumble.

There’s nothing devastated about this song, it’s a country ballad speaking today’s idiom of a failed “situationship.”

With this track, an impressively accomplished independent artist shows off her smooth voice and an impressive level of emotion. She describes this feeling as a feeling of vulnerability, which she says is brand new to her.

Taylor’s newest single, “Strangers Again,” showcases a wounded pop-country sound and a heartbroken edge. Like all the best country songs, her lyric is filled with regret and what-ifs. Her breakup ended a relationship that never fully developed, and that only made things more difficult.

The TikTok sparked the inspiration for me to write a song, not only for people who are struggling to get over someone they never technically dated in the first place but also for people who are going through breakups and having to deal with the memories you shared together,” she tells Sounds Like Nashville. “It could be as simple as driving by the place you met, had a first date, or his/her favorite spot. It brings back all the good memories of that person, and that’s the hardest part about getting over someone — having to pretend those memories never existed so you can move on.

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