With her new single, “27”, Kate Cameron takes inspiration from a cultural phenomenon known as “The 27 Club” and from her own age when she wrote and recorded the song.  In the song, the sacrifices that independent artists and songwriters make are recognized, as is the fear of peaked careers in the music industry before you achieve your full potential.

In the chorus, Kate sings, “I’m so scared of turning 27 because all the greats were wondering what they would have become when they turned 27 and went to the 27 clubs“. Kate hopes that Nashville embraces her take on this soul-driven tune.

My latest single “27” is a concept generated from the cultural phenomenon “The 27 Club” and the age I was at the time she wrote and recorded it.  The song recognizes the sacrifices that go into being an independent artist and the fear of peaking in your music career before you get the chance to live to your full potential,” explains Kate.

She blends soul, grit, and grace equally well with her distinct singing style, which is somewhere between her Boston roots and that of her idols in Nashville.

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