Rayana Ragan Showcases Her Musical Side with “Rev Me Up” (Review)

An actress, model, and singer-songwriter is on the portfolio of Rayana Ragan. Recently, Rayana Ragan released her newest single “Rev Me Up.” 

I wrote “Rev Me Up” while talking to a guy whom I had known for years but, due to us living in different cities, we were never able to physically connect. Then one day I called him and it just so happened that he was, at that exact moment, coming off a flight into my city for a work trip. We were finally able to meet in person after years of virtual connection and it felt like perhaps everything was coming together for us at last– the date was lovely, we ended up talking for a couple of months after and working it out so we could spend time in person again,” explains Rayana. “He had this incredible motorcycle back home that he would send me photos of, and that bike inspired this song– based off of the theme of what it’s like to be in the honeymoon phase of dating someone new, and full of double entendres of the similarities between falling for someone and that freeing feeling of riding on the back of a motorcycle.”

Rayana’s new track is a mid-tempo disco-pop track with a nostalgic, late-night vibe. It features airy synths, excellent percussion, and a smooth, eclectic bass that perfectly supports Rayana’s catchy, melodic vocals. 

Rayana made the decision to pursue a career in music and started training with Valerie Morehouse and Dean Shepherd at Morehouse Vocal Studio in Studio City, CA, home to household name artists like SiaThe Chainsmokers, and Miley Cyrus.

Rayana Ragan was born and raised in San Mateo, California by a fashion photographer father and a fashion model mother. At the age of one, Rayana signed her first modeling contract to LA Models.

As an adult, Rayana based herself in Los Angeles, and her focus centered around modeling and acting; in the years, she has come to sign to multiple top modeling agencies globally, including WilhelminaNext, and MGM, as well as Luber Roklin Entertainment for acting; she has booked major campaigns for clients such as PacSunAmerican EagleBoot BarnFilaMilani, and Burt’s Bees, as well as landed acting roles on projects such as ABC Family’s (now Freeform) Switched at Birth.

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