Having spent a year in quarantine, Fab The Duo is back with a vengeance with their angsty pop-rock anthem “Good Distraction”, and they look and sound better than ever.

Trevor Justin | Countrypolitan Magazine

Taking their critically acclaimed debut EP “Our Love Is Resistance” and moving to Los Angeles, the power couple started anew in the City Of Angels. Inspired by artists such as Hot Chelle Rae, One Direction, and P!NK, the fresh single “Good Distraction” is the perfect Post-Pandemic Bop.

The song was written after they became tired of hearing bad news and wanted an exhilarating three-minute distraction from the world that uplifted the lonely, empowered the sad, and enabled them to express themselves. 

A dazzling music video accompanies the song, depicting the two musicians’ new lifestyle in the West Coast. With scenic joy rides in a 1966 Mustang convertible, partying in the desert, and palm trees galore, this video is jam-packed with classic Hollywood cliches.

There are skirts with pink fluffy jackets, rainbow sashes, and 8-inch heels everywhere, and the fashion is edgy, nontraditional, and almost outright revolutionary. Ron Geffen captured this video with the help of a retro feel and a timeless appearance. Fab’s new sound was produced by Niko Vaude along with audio engineer Kai Nakamura and is more commercial and mainstream while still maintaining the band’s pop-rock edge. They are ready to take the world by storm with “Good Distraction”, and continue to make history as an unapologetically gay, gender-bending, interracial couple. 

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