With the release of his latest single titled ‘Lying With You’, rising country talent Chase Wright showed off his sincere songwriting ability, honest core, as well as his exceptional vocals, which disqualify him from the current crop of rising country acts.

His latest offering is a confessional offering and gives the talented 24-year-old the opportunity to display both his mature lyrical abilities and evolving soundscape.

The writer team of Chase Wright, Will Bundy, and Zack Dyer developed the music for the single by combining pop-rock guitar chords with wood and steel strings for a stellar production.

Trevor Justin | Countrypolitan Magazine

Speaking about his latest single ‘Lying With You’, singer/songwriter Chase Wright says: “Honesty in lyrics is what allows a song to connect with the listener, I really wanted to lean into those hard truths with this song. I hope people can hear their own story and experiences in mine and feel less alone.”

In his career as an artist, Wright has proven that he is not averse to laying his soul bare and has a passion for creating meaningful songs that make him an exciting performer. As he rises, Wright has confirmed that he will share more songs in 2021.

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